Andrew’s life with nature and art.

Andrew and budgie, Mickie

Andrew Hoag ( formally Hogg ) lived his first years at a fishing resort called Chickadee cottages in Ontario, Canada. It was there that Andrew grew to appreciate the wild creatures around him. It was not uncommon to have turtles, ducklings or fish as pets. His parents encouraged this enthusiasm for wildlife. Both his mother and father were raised in the country and enjoyed the wildlife around them as well.

By the age of four, Andrew’s family had become aware of his interest in drawing. In fact, Andrew would draw farm animals, then cut them out and play with them like toys.

Andrew, Cathy, Patty, Bob, and Jamie

At the age of five, Andrew, his parents and four brothers and sisters left Chickadee cottages and moved to a house surrounded by farm land and wood lots. Perfect for a budding nature lover. There he spent hours hiking with his dog Toby, and his crow named Joe.

As time went on Andrew continued to learn about the wildlife around him. He also began to realize that drawing was becoming a large part of his life. He never considered making a living from his art, but he couldn’t imagine not continuing to draw. It was his high school art teacher who introduced Andrew to the idea of the career of graphic design. As Ms Hampton once said, “Don’t be an artist, they starve. Be a graphic designer.”

Andrew and college friends

Andrew did three years of college, studying the trade of graphic design and got his first job as an art director creating advertisements for magazines and brochures. Andrew worked in this trade for ten years, working in some of the largest ad agencies in Canada. But something was missing. The money was great and the job could be quite exciting, but artisticly, it just wasn’t satisfying Andrew. After discussing the idea with Katherine his wife, Andrew decided to leave advertising in 1998 to purse a career as a full time artist.

Andrew and Katherine

Andrew and Katherine moved from Toronto to the countryside on a 200 acre century farm, about one hour out of the city, near the village of Bethany. The land had not been farmed for sixty years and had grown in with trees and bushes. Perfect for an artist with an interest in nature. With wild meadows, forest, beaver ponds and four streams running through the property, there’s simply enough subject matter to last a life time.

Since leaving the advertising business, Andrew hasn’t looked back. Finally being able to create art and express his feelings on the world and creatures that surround him. And being able to do this on a full time basis.