09 Apr 2010

Taking Flight- Bull Moose & Crows

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24 in. x 36 in.~ Oil on Panel   $5,500 framed or $5,100 unframed
Original Painting Sold

This piece was very enjoyable to work on. There was lots of opportunity to create a work with energy and motion. I included the crows flying up in front of this bull, desperately trying to get out of his way. This whole scene makes me think back to when I was a kid. My friend Raymond and I would sneak into his father’s farm field of full of bulls just looking for trouble (and excitement).

750 limited edition Giclee prints and 15 Artist Proofs Giclee prints available. Call for different size options and canvas prices.

  • Giclee Paper Edition $42 ( 6 in x 10.25 in )
  • Giclee Paper Edition $132 ( 12.75 in x 18.75 in )
  • ” Artist Proof ” Giclee Canvas or Paper Edition. Please contact me for pricing.
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