09 Apr 2010

Mutual Respect- Bull Moose & Wood Ducks

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24 in. x 36 in.~ Oil on Panel   $5,500 framed or $5,100 unframed
Original Painting Sold

While I followed this bull around, I also noticed the ducks which were sharing the water with the moose. I enjoyed the fact that these two creatures could get along so well despite the size difference between them. I added a little humor into this piece by having the two drakes pull back while the hen goes ahead. This way they can see whether the bull moose is safe to pass.

350 limited edition Giclee prints and 35 Artist Proofs Giclee prints available. Call for different size options and canvas prices.

  • Giclee Paper Edition $42 ( 6 in x 9 in )
  • Giclee Paper Edition $132 ( 14.5 in x 20.75 in )
  • ” Artist Proof ” Giclee Canvas or Paper Edition. Please contact me for pricing.
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