09 Apr 2010

In Pursuit- Common Loon

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16 in. x 28 in.~ Oil on Panel   $1,800 framed or $1,600 unframed
Original Painting Available

While out in my canoe with fellow artist, Gene Canning, we came upon a common loon who swam numerous times under our canoe in pursuit of fish which were using our boat as cover.  I have never seen a loon as comfortable with human company as this loon. The sight of this loon swimming under me intrigued me and was the motivation behind this painting.

99 limited edition Giclee prints and 9 Artist Proofs Giclee prints available. Call for different size options and canvas prices.

  • Giclee Paper Edition $42 ( 6 in x 10 in )
  • Giclee Paper Edition $120 ( 12 in x 21 in )
  • ” Artist Proof ” Giclee Canvas or Paper Edition. Please contact me for pricing.
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